Accomplishments for ​Public Education

Increased Communication                                                

Marisa is the first Board Member to build a constant communication system for all 89 school district superintendents. She has increased the role of district leadership, trustees and educators in State Board of Education matters throughout the District. 

Fought for CSCOPE Curriculum and Local District Control

Supported the proper review of the CSCOPE curriculum tool and fought against the political removal of the educational tool from the vast amount of school districts who depended on this vital tool.

Introduced Bilingualism and Biliteracy Acknowledgement for High School Graduation

This acknowledgement is to assist our young scholars with recognizing the value of their academic successes and see the tangible benefits of being bilingual in this globalized market and society. This designation is awarded by a district and acknowledged by the State of Texas, to a scholar in recognition of their studies and ability to demonstrate proficiency in any two or more languages by high school graduation. 

Graduation Requirements

Marisa worked on and approved the state’s new high school graduation program, which gives students added flexibility to follow their academic interests.  She held 5 work sessions with educators, business leaders, policymakers and superintendents in order to ensure that the new educational plan would be rigorous enough yet flexible to be implemented in all school districts.

Supported Anti-Voucher Resolution

As a freshmen Board Member, Marisa passionately debated and supported the State Board of Education's Anti-Voucher Resolution. The State Board of Education is charged with preserving and strengthening public education and should focus exclusively on that mission.


Stronger Academic Based Curriculum and Textbooks

Marisa has had a strong focus on maintaining the integrity of our educational system, by making sound decisions regarding curriculum standards and instructional materials based on the expertise of our teachers, local school boards, and academic scholars. She has worked with a myriad of organizations of various backgrounds to ensure that our curriculum and textbooks are fair, balanced and provide the educational foundation needed for the success of Texas scholars.

A stronger educational system is not built by one person.  That is why I am proud to have built a stronger relationship with all stakeholders.